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1.  Waded through Hezekiah's Tunnel in Jerusalem, dug around 700 BC
2.  Harvested trees in an Alaskan forest to build a cottage for an Orphanage
3.  Organized a re-roofing party for a single woman in need
4.  Won a preaching contest at Harvard University in Memorial Chapel
5.  Started an inter-denominational lay training school
6.  Taught "The Bible as History" in a community college for 7 years
8.  Became a professor in private college at age 23
9.  Debated Rastifarians in Jamaica as only "white man" in a mountain village
10. Participated in two archaeological excavations in Israel
11. Preached with aid of interpreters in Mexico and Poland
12. Married well to my colleague sweet-heart
13. Helped repair a charitable home for run-away children in Brazil with a team of fathers and sons from California
14. Canoed down the Washita River in Oklahoma as boy scout
15. Served on a Board of Directors for a religious college for 7 years
16. Drove to Alaska with a team of students from Missouri in a '55 Plymouth
17. Had my misplaced luggage blown up in Israel
18. Enjoyed a family sabbatical at Harvard as a Merrill Fellow
19. Son of a pastor and father of a pastor
20.  What I want to do next is help your Church with its real estate needs . . .